Dental Bonding in Vancouver

Reverse Chips and Stains

stock-2If you would like to treat a broken, cracked, or discolored tooth, you can keep your cosmetic therapy simple with dental bonding. Bonding is affordable and effective. Our team will create a composite resin that matches the shade of your smile, and then we will complete your dental bonding in just a single visit to our office!

Dental bonding can alter the color, shape, and size of your teeth. It can even change the appearance of the alignment of your smile. Bonding will cover tooth imperfections while also strengthening the teeth and safeguarding them from dental decay and trauma.

Bonding can eliminate stains, seal cracks and chips, close gaps, and fill small cavities. Bonding can add width or length to your teeth to give your smile a more appealing shape. Keep in mind that you can fix all of these smile imperfections and fortify your smile with just one short visit to our office!

The Dental Bonding Process

27During your appointment, you will work side-by-side with Dr. Marcy Schwartzman, DMD. Our team will make you feel at home while you help us select a shade of white that flawlessly matches the rest of your teeth.

The doctor will prepare your smile for bonding by etching the teeth and applying a bonding solution. She will apply the resin to the tooth surface and shape it for a perfect fit. Finally, she will use a curing light to secure the bonding to the teeth.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

If you choose to enhance your smile with dental bonding, you will notice all of the following benefits:

Zero Complications | If you want to improve your smile with dental bonding, all it takes is one simple appointment. The bonding procedure is non-invasive and fast, but it renders incredible results.
Perfect Match | Your bonding will never distract from your smile or become obvious. Professional bonding with your qualified cosmetic dentist is bound to increase the aesthetic of your smile.
Affordability | Dental bonding requires minimal materials and time, so it costs less than other cosmetic procedures. It is possible to achieve the healthy and attractive smile of your dreams without breaking the bank.
Durability | Dental bonding can tolerate all of your daily biting and chewing, and you can continue to uphold your regular oral hygiene routine. When you take good care of your bonding, it can last for five years or even longer!

Experience Easy Smile Renewal with Dr. Marcy Schwartzman!

We hope to see you soon at Dr. Marcy Schwartzman, Inc. You can schedule your simple bonding procedure by calling the office today!