What is Periodontics?

stock-14When your dentist says “periodontal,” he or she is referring to the health of the gums and supportive structures of your smile. The word “periodontal” literally means “around the tooth,” so that includes the gums and the bone surrounding your teeth.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, affects millions of patients. This disease causes inflammation and leads to tooth loss and permanent bone damage. This inflammation is caused by sticky plaque building up on the teeth over time.

Some patients are more susceptible to gum disease, including patients who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Use tobacco
  • Smoke
  • Have high stress
  • Have a family history of gum disease
  • Are diagnosed with diabetes
  • Sustain a poor diet

However, all patients are at risk for gum disease, and many individuals don’t even know that they need treatment until symptoms become severe. If you have noticed that your gums are red and swollen while you brush and floss, it’s time to see Dr. Marcy Schwartzman, DMD. Patients who have gingivitis (the mildest form of gum disease) may also notice that their gums bleed easily.

Treating and Preventing Gum Disease

stock-20When you diagnose and treat gum disease at an early stage, treatment can be discomfort-free and non-invasive. It is crucial to treat your periodontal disease before it reaches the aggressive stage of periodontitis. Patients who reach this stage may suffer from tooth loss, gum recession, and jawbone deterioration, and they often have to undergo surgery as their only treatment option.

For most patients, periodontal treatment is simple at Dr. Marcy Schwartzman, Inc. Root scaling and planing is a deep cleaning procedure that eliminates the harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums. We may also suggest pocket reduction, soft tissue grafts, or changes in your at-home care routine.

If you are suffering with swollen or bleeding gums, we can help. Call today to schedule your appointment at Dr. Marcy Schwartzman, Inc.!